Monday, April 30, 2007

The biggest proffesional win for A&F

Team mate Mark Hekman just won one of the biggest and most prestigious criteriums in America, being an amateur team racing in a professional race is hard enough but wining is unbelievable. the last time an amateur won the Athens criterium was 1992. (see"Pigs flew for Abercrombie team in Athens)

congratulations to the boys,

Sunday, April 29, 2007

sunday road race

Today was another race, a small 7mile circuit with more than 6 steep hills on it one of them being over 1km. The race was a small race with low numbers. the field was split at about half way with my team mate Tim and one other guy.

We kept the pace high and road around to the final lap with everyone taking on there share of the work load. i was trying to set up the win for my team mate but with only the three of us what ever was said could be herd by the other guy, in this case Tim did not want the other guy to know that his bike for the last two laps wasn't going into the big chainring. I had no idea that this was the case so when time was going off the front of us he would wait for us to catch up, it wasn't till after the race that i found out. It would have been a perfect set up. Tim was supposed to ride off the front and i would just sit and mark the guy that was with me and make him do all the work, if he caught Tim i would counter attack and we would do this until the guy cracked. It didn't work out and came down to a sprint which i won. i am pleased with my progress and am looking forward to the big races.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

first criterium

well today i got my third win of three races, it was my first criterium. It was on a flat 1.5 mile circuit.

We had a break away of 7 guys with 2 two other team mates who made the break, just over halfway through. my team mates and i did the most work trying to keep the break away from the rest of the field.

Two guys got off the front of our break in the last half of the last lap. My team mates and I were back in what was left of the group. My team mates were warn out and i timed my attack perfectly, i got off the front with no one on my wheel, and bridged to the two others coming into the last corner before the sprint, it was perfect timing because they both started sprinting as they were exiting the corner and gave me the perfect position for a lead out out to take the win.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My first weekends racing was very successful. i had two wins from two races. I had a chance to meet fellow team mates and local competition.