Sunday, August 12, 2007

Elk Grove criterium

Elk Grove is the first real race i have done since super week and getting sick. it was only a 60km crit. it was a big circuit about 2.5miles. the course had 2 big 180degree bends at each end. about half way into the race i managed to crash sitting up in the top ten, in one of the hair pin turns. it was my fault i went into the turn way too hot as i was going to attack coming out of it. both wheels slid out from me and i slid a decent distance. i have a few big scrapes on my arm which i used to break my fall and slide on. my hip also took a good whack as well. i was pretty hacked off, but considering how many crits i have been doing and not having crashed yet, i feel i got off lightly. it was a great race with 17g up in prize money, a sprint every second lap for 500 dollars, and 4g to win. my team mate Marco had an excellent ride and picked up second overall as well as a few primes.

next week is the pro-am race again in Chicago.

Monday, July 30, 2007

superweek final day

well the final day turned out to be a tough one. 100km on a short rough tight cornered circuit. i was still stuffed from my efforts from the day before, so i basically fell into formation for the race and hung on, it definitely not the way i like to race but my legs gave me no choice. of oer 100 starters only 42 finished and i ended up about 37th. we averaged about 46km/h.

i have had an awesome time here at superweek it has been an excellent racing experience.
i am very tired and ready for recovery time.

got the Charlotte criteriums next weekend.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

downer criterium

today's crit was only 90km with a four thousand dollar prime with 10laps to go in the 80 lap race. the bunch went nuts. i had a great days racing felt really strong but when it came down to the crunch and lining up for the sprint with 3 to go i didn't back myself to go for it. i was happy with my strength but not the end result. i made a few break aways that didn't stick and i missed the one of 7guys that almost lapped the field.

final day tomorrow.

Friday, July 27, 2007

kenosha criterium

well Todays crit was a wide open 4 corner circuit. It was a fast 100laps of 1km. I made many attempts for breaks but ended up missing the key one of 7 which lapped the field. i was disappointed there are only two exciting days of superweek left.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Green Bay 100km crit

well today's ride was not too great it was a wide open flat 4 corner circuit. I had mechanical issues from the start which I wasn't able to use the sram pit to sort it. So I just had to keep going and do the best I could. I wasn't able to push it too hard coming out of the corners or attack. I was pretty gutted. I finished about 50th probably after a crash in the final lap held a lot of people up.

I have a day off tomorrow, then the final three days of Superweek.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cedarburg 100km crit

A four corner circuit with a climb on the second straight, it was a fast hard crit I tried to get away a couple of time early on but it wasn't going to happen. I ended up losing one of my bottles out of the cage on a nice size pot hole only a couple of laps in so it was 1 bottle for me for the next 90km in the warmth of a sunny afternoon, not a lot of fun! I was seeing stars at the end.

The circuit was quite dodgy and a break of three riders got a gap and managed to stay away. I managed to get 22nd from the bunch sprint.

I didn't feel the best today, but there are some of the best days of racing coming up.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Evanston 100km crit

It was a 2 hour drive down towards Chicago for the Evanston criterium, the second to last NRC race of the superweek series. I was feeling great after a rest day. The coarse was a figure eight shape with plenty of man hole covers and pot holes.

For the first time I managed to get a start position close to the front. This was short lived after i punctured only 5 laps into the race, when you are given a spare wheel at sram race support pit you have to merge into the last third of the field after the free lap. I moved in comfortably and back up to the front quite easily within a couple of laps. I am now feeling more comfortable in the bunch then ever.

Initially there were a lot of attempts at breaks but the pace was high enough and the field was fresh enough nothing stuck. I made a few solo breaks trying to get across to some threatening breaks.

Two riders eventually managed to get clear of the field, then laps later a group of 3 got away, when they got out to about 15 seconds i jumped across and help start chasing the leaders, we were soon caught by 2 other riders before catching the leading two riders. the break was now 8 riders strong including Adam Bergmen (Colavita), Peter Dawson (South Australia), Viktor Rapinski (navigators). We were clear enough from the field to not have to worry. Coming into the closing three laps the attacks started, I held back waiting for the sprint. With half a lap to go Haydens Team mate attacked with half a lap to go when i was on the front. I was expecting the others to follow but it never happened and i got stuck there till a late chase started. Coming out of the final turn I started sprinting from the back. I came past and managed to hold on to 2nd place and fast catching Adam. We averaged over 45km/h for the day.

I am very happy with my achievement and now have a great confidence boost for the final week of racing.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Green lake 100km crit

This was a more difficult crit as i was quite tired from the previous nights racing. The figure eight course was just over 1km. There was a short hill going up towards the finish. The field was smaller but strong, the pace was on from the gun. A break went with 5 guys and lapped the field then coming up to the finishing laps there was another break of 3 riders away. I took a flyer with about four laps to go I didn't have anyone go with me which made it difficult to stay away, I got caught with half a lap to go. throughout the whole race people were popping in ones and twos the bunch was the smallest it has been towards the end of the race. i was pleased with ow i went but im still looking for a top result.

Day off tomorrow then another crit down towards Chicago, its going to be a great race

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Shorewood 100km crit

This was another NRC race today with a great field of over 120 riders. A four corner circuit with one straight riddled with pot holes and raised man hole covers. I Felt great again today, i missed the break away of 10 riders that went in the first quarter of the race. The pace was high averaging around 47 km/h for the race. There were a few bad crashes but i managed to keep myself safe. It was a really exciting race. I'm not sure exactly where i came but it was somewhere in the top 40.

Looking forward to tomorrows criterium another 100km on a nice short circuit.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Botanical Garden road race

This stage was 90km of a short 3.6 km rolling circuit with one short steep climb to the finish. We were a couple of men down today, Bennett and myself were the only ones starting. The Rock racing professional team turned up 8 men strong. t\The plan was to look after ourselves for what looked like it would be a bunch finish. I basically just sat in and tried to keep myself fresh for the finish rather then try and attack. A break of 7 riders managed to get clear towards the end of the race I was sure it wasn't going to stick but it did. Bennett put in a great effort to get away in the closing laps but got pulled back not far from the finish. I felt excellent today but just didn't have the greatest positioning for the finish, I was on the end of the rock racing train with about 2 km to go but got majorly swarmed coming in a to a tight section of the coarse before the finishing climb. I am very happy with how I am going just need some results to show it. Next race is Thursday a 100km short circuit crit.

Saw fellow Kiwi Dale Tye help her team to their first NRC win today.

Alpine Valley (NRC) road race

The stage was 165km on a 15km circuit, the course had about 3 wall climbs in it which did not suit me at all. Brandon was going well and he missed the split in the groups so Bennett and myself worked our butts off to try get him back in. We cooked ourselves in doing so but we left Brandon with about 100m to shut down. Only a few km later we came across Brandon on the side of the road crashed out. He had hit wheels with the guy in front and he went down hard breaking his collar bone. The team is gutted because Brandon's strength as a rider and leader. Brandon is hoping to go in to surgery as soon has he can and make a speedy recovery.

Frankie had an awesome ride making the break away and working very hard he came 5th, very impressive.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

superweek #2

Another 100km crit in blue island Chicago.

The coarse was a 4corner 1 mile circuit. There was a good breeze out but nothing to worry about. I decided to go on the attack today as i was feeling great. On my second attempt at a breakaway at 16km in i managed to get a break that stuck with three other riders. We got a lead out to 1 minute and almost had the bunch within sight, I was pretty sure that we were going to be able to take the lap, but the commentators kept on putting primes in for the bunch so it would speed them up and also put in multiple 100 dollar primes to split us up.

Three other riders bridged across with about 20 laps to go. At this stage there were riders from 5 different nations in the break. The break eventually got caught with 8 laps to go, i was stuffed. the counter attacks went which eventually won and i just hung in the bunch till the finish.

I was really happy with how i rode, a little disappointed we didn't make the lap but made a good go of it. I spent a total of more then 65km off the front.

Rest day tomorrow and first road race on Monday.

Friday, July 13, 2007

superweek day 1

Well today was the first super week race in Beverly hill on the out skirts of Chicago. 100km of a 1.6km crit circuit.

The race didn't have the numbers that i was hope but it was hard all the same as the coarse was on the side of a hill. a break went early with 2 of my team mates, it eventually lapped the field. I really liked the coarse, i didn't seem to have any problems, there was a lot of slowing with long accelerations along the straights coming out of dodgy corners. i felt awesome and was disappointed that i missed the break as the coarse suited me and i had surprisingly good legs. Bennett and Brandon both took a lap which meant it was my job to set them up for the finish, we picked up 3 top 20 placings.

looking forward to tomorrows stage, another 100km crit.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jackson Hole Wyoming

I am on vacation now in Jackson Hole for 5 days, it is awesome here. The town sits at about 6000 feet altitude, its making for an interesting visit. I did a local race today just for a bit of fun, it was a 12 mile time trial with the last 6 miles going up the side of the mountain. I went hard going into the bottom of the climb and then tempo up. The altitude makes it difficult to push yourself as your lungs start to run out before your legs do and once you are in oxygen dept you have to back off a lot more for your system to get back on top of things. I ended up finishing fifth with a time of 41.46. It was a great day finished off with a bit of fly fishing.

Super week is starting on the 13th of this month, I'm feeling a lot healthier and looking forward to the great racing.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Grandview 45mile crit

well after trying to get healthy for the whole week being mucked around with bronchitis. there was a great local race on and i couldn't miss it, even though i had been on antibiotics for two days and not really getting any better i wanted to start. I started the race with the intention of racing for the rest of the team and lasting as long as i could whilst still making sure i don't push myself to far with being sick.

well i rode at the front of the field practically the whole race chasing down attacks and working with team mates, i was not expecting to last long as i felt pretty bad all day. the criterium was on the side of a hill which made it a tough coarse that would have suited me if i was in good form. i ended up making the break away with 10 other guys which eventually shattered, and i was so spent i just couldnt shut down any more gaps and ended up dropping off the break in the closing couple of laps with 2 other guys, i had an excellent day and surprised myself, finishing 9th and team mates in 2nd and 5th.

next race for me is super week and im looking forward to getting better and getting more racing.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

final stage 60km crit

A 1km four corner circuit. It was another great race for the Abercrombie & Fitch team. We had to seal the deal on the jerseys and that's exactly what happened. The race started off fast every team was having their turn attacking us. Our job was basically to keep the bunch together unless i got into a break away with guys that were not a threat then I was allowed to go try take a lap on the field. I put myself into a lot of positions were i got into small breaks but nothing would stick or there were the wrong people in the break. I was having a go at doing this as well as just covering attacks all the way down till 4 laps to go when I was smashed and had to start thinking about getting into the lead out train. The last coupe of laps were really intense with some people taking some big risks to move up, but it was safe on the front. Coming into the closing lap I was only good for a sweeper as i was fried. Marco took out the final sprint in fine form.

We finished the tour with Mark Hekman in yellow, Marco Aledia in green, Tim Swain in polka dot jerseys and I managed to finish up in third position over all. It was an awesome tour, we all had a great time and everyone rode over and above expectations to get these fantastic results. i was really happy with my consistency. i place in the top 7 in five of the 6 stages. i had my best day obviously on the second day were i won the hill primes, the stage and took the yellow jersey.

Jimmy also had a nasty looking crash check out this clip on you tube.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

stage 5 50mile circuit race

The 12mile circuit had one climb on it which was pretty tough when you didn't have good positioning as a lot of people could not keep up with the tempo going up and would let wheels go. I had a particularly bad day. I just didn't feel on top of things, thanks to my strong team mates i just had to make sure i covered the breaks i was in a position to and that make sure i was there for the sprint to go for the time bonuses.

Everything was going well until the closing 2 miles where i was in the line up which was unorganised as no one team really took control of the lead out. I got swarmed and ended up back half way through the bunch. Luckily there was 'some room' on the outside between the two last left hand turns and i basically sprinted around the outside of the bunch and swung into second wheel through the final corner. I burnt all my matches making my way up to the front and once i was onto Hekmans wheel for the lead out all i could do was just hold on. I ended up rolling across the line in 5th place. I was disappointed with my ride but i am still up their on GC and looking forward to a great crit on the final day tomorrow.

stage 4 worthington 40mile crit

In this stage we had Hekman in second place on GC so we were really looking for the win for him to take the time bonus to move back into the yellow. I had an average day finishing 7th not having a lot left for the sprint. it was a tough circuit on the side of a hill in Columbus. The team worked really well together. I finished the day sitting 3rd on GC and second in King of the Mountains competition.

part I

part II

part III

here are some videos of the crit.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

stage three

70mile road race with 6 major climbs. I started the day in the yellow jersey and also leading the KOM competition. My job for the day was basically to make sure i was there for the finish and try and maintain my lead in yellow. the climbs were steep which shattered the bunch each time. we had Tim Swain get away in an early break and he spent up until the closing 3miles on a steer step climb. he did a fantastic job and picked up 3 KOM's so now he is leading that competition. mark Hekman made a break away in the last 20miles to go, they stayed away and held a 50 second lead. I lost the yellow jersey at the end of the day although finishing 5th in the stage and felt great. We now sit 2nd and 4th on GC. 1st 2nd and 3rd in climbers jersey. and first and second in sprint jersey. the Yellow is what we wont so for the next three days we have our work cut out for us with 2 crits and one not so hilly road race left.

tour of Ohio stage 2

A 60 miles on and 8.3 mile circuit. the course was hilly and had a mean 300m steep hill to the finish. the day started off with a thunder storm which cleared as the race went on. we had Marco in yellow and Hekman in the sprint jersey. I won the first KOM in a break that i was covering and then the second by a good team lead out. only a third of the field made it to the finish in the bunch. I had another great lead out into the base of the climb to take out the up hill sprint to the finish. it was a great days racing for the team and myself.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

tour of Ohio stage 1

First stage was a 40mile crit on a 1 mile figure eight circuit with 130 starters. The race started off fast and didn't let up till the finish. The Abercrombie guys had a great race, every break away was either covered of initiated by us. The circuit was tight in areas with all 90 degree bends. this made for exciting times with people trying to bomb corners and touching pedals. the team stayed out of trouble. the field although stretched out the whole time and shelling half the field came down to a bunch finish with perfect lead out set up from 5 laps out. It was a fantastic evening with Abercrombie take out the first and second. Marco now hold the yellow jersey and Mark Hickman's riding the green sprint jersey. good work guys. i felt awesome in the race covering breaks and attacking. I finished with bunch time. I'm really happy with were my form is at the moment, hanging out for the second stage circuit race.

louisville crit 80km

This was a pre tour of Ohio crit we went to, we didn't really have it together as we usually do but we know know what we have to look into for the tour. I felt fine but didn't manage to put myself into the right position to finish well on the tight figure eight 2km curcuit. I'm looking forward to the start of the Ohio tour.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Saint Louis circuit race 100km

This weekend Hayden Godfrey and i hired a car and drove 6hrs Saint Louis to do a circuit race, it was about 20 laps of a 3 miles. The course was really Roley but the wind was in the right directions that we had tail wind up hills and head wind down hills, this made sitting in the bunch quit easy. Hayden and myself teamed up for the race as we had no other team mates. There was a lot of attacks from he two bigger teams but nothing would stick and anything that looked half dangerous Hayden or myself had it covered.

We came down to about a 50man bunch sprint. My job was to lead out Hayden, the bunch was so dodgy because the course was not really difficult to stretch it out, this meant that i had to be on the front early for decent with a 90degree left hand bend at the bottom about 1km out from the finish. I bombed the corner with Hayden two wheels back, i ended up gaping the front of the field which forced the guy between myself and Hayden to chase me, the lead out worked well and Hayden came flying past at the bottom of the up hill sprint, Hayden held on to get third place. I didn't have enough left to hold on to a top 20 finish up the hill which was a shame but we were happy with the ride and i learnt a lot and had great experience racing with Hayden. I now have my form back and am feeling great.

Monday, June 4, 2007

ville road race

A small road race with 3 laps of a 20km circuit. the coarse had a nasty climb of about 700m steep then about 4km of gradual climb and undulations to the finish line. On the first lap i set the tempo up the climb and by the time we had reached the start finish we were down to three including Hayden Godfrey. We maintained a high tempo and got rid of the third rider coming into the last lap. Hayden and i stayed together down to the finish where i led out and he came around me. it was a good training race, and great to have some hills to ride.

St Albans, Grand Prix criterium

It was a 1km 4 corner circuit with a couple of hundred meter 13% climb. we had 50minutes plus 3laps. The field was not very big but the race had a good purse for the win for a small race. I had no team mates at the race so i was prepared to be picked on by other riders. The race was fast and a group of 5 of us lapped the field. The bunch was together coming into the finish where i won the sprint.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Somerville criterium, New Jersey

My first NRC criterium.
It was a 1Mile+ coarse with nice big wide roads and the corners were not too tight so the bunch carried a lot of speed. We had 42 laps, with a Field of 220 riders, with teams like, jelly belly, navigators etc.

The race was fast from the start it took me a while to figure out the best places to ride in the peloton to save energy but i soon settled in and got the hang of it. The raced stayed together from 10 laps out we had to start moving towards the front so when the pace went on we did not get caught out, about this time was when things started to get pretty hairy a lot of guys fighting just to be in the top quarter of the field made for some close calls and nasty crashes. considering the size and speed of the field there were not a lot of crashes, which was great.

In the closing 3 laps it was like no race i had done before, moving up was almost impossible, people were bouncing off each other everywhere and teams were trying to move there trains up to the front. I was up towards the front sitting in top 20 hoping for a top 40 finish but i kept getting swarmed and loosing places rapidly. the last few laps you just have to run on adrenaline, I was to far back on the last lap and got caught behind a nasty crash so i ended up rolling in in the top half of the field. it was a blast of a race, I learnt a lot and i cant wait for the next one to do better.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Joe Martin day 3 final stage

The final stage of the tour was a 90minute criterium. The course was quite big and technical including a descent with a 90degree turn at the bottom, s bends and an nice sized up hill sprint. I felt better today then any other day but still not the best. It took me a while to settle into the race and get a feel for it. I thought the coarse was pretty crazy and i was expecting a lot of crashes.

With 130 riders on the coarse the bunch stretched out quite far, there was a lot of the elastic band effect and me not being so confident I placed myself further back then I should have. realising after 20min or so that it actually wasn't so bad and that I should be trying to move up, I found that I was using a lot of energy and when I hit the hill again I would loose the positions. I ended up lasting 60min of the race before hitting the wall.

I am confident that when i have my form back that I will be able to race well in these races. Although performance wise I wasn't going well the past four days, I am happy to have now done my first lot of NRC races, I now have a lot more of an idea of what to expect from these races. I am looking forward to the next NRC race to be more use full for the team and prove my myself. It is a long season so I'm going to have times like these but there are a lot more better times to come.

Joe Martin day 2 stage 3

The evening stage was a 2.8 mile uphill time trial. after this morning stage i was not expecting a lot but i knew my body was used to have two hard sessions of riding in one day. I started off really well selecting to ride up in my big chainring, I felt great till i hit about the half way mark where it got slightly steeper. I couldn't keep on top of the gear and got bogged down, loosing a lot of pace. I ended up about 106th which wasn't very pleasing but i didn't get time cut so that is one good thing.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Joe Martin day 2 stage 2 (140km)

well today i felt really bad after yesterdays ride, my muscles were not in as bad a state as they were yesterday but i was definitely tired. The coarse was 11miles out to a 23mile circuit which we did three times then back in 11miles to the finish. The circuit was really rolley and had a descent climb in it. I blew on the third lap of the circuit on the main climb, i was not impressed when the bunch was still so big (80+). I ended up finishing in a small bunch with 2 other team mates. I'm disappointed in how the weekend is turning out. but atleast its great training. I had been riding really well up until now, I'm not really used to the speed of this caliber of race and i just have bad legs this weekend. I cant expect to be flying all the time.

Friday, May 11, 2007

stage 1 Joe Martin

My first NRC pro race went well, 175km rolling terrain (160 riders). The weather was really hot to start with then all of sudden there was a downpour in the middle of the race and cleared slightly towards the end of the race. Early in the stage a group of riders got away, the peloton cruised nicely till the main climb then the chasing began pulling the break away back from 11Min's. The main climb was at 110km and was a 13km climb not very steep but it was fast. I hung in fine the peloton was quite big at the top of the climb. The last 15km was quite fast spent most of it sitting at around 50kmh+, which was a killer for that length of time. A nasty crash happened right next to me in the last 5km were a hand full of riders went down. The break got pulled in the the closing kilometers, i didn't have enough in the tank to try mix it with the front guys for the sprint. the finishing circuit was tight and dodgy. I finished with bunch time not exactly sure on the position.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cone Azalia classic (75miles 100+ riders)

This was a 7 lap 10.5mile circuit with 4miles of gravel per lap in two sections. 35mph cross wind on gravels sections. We reached the first gravel section within 2 km of the start and i happened to hit the roughest part of the pot holes. My handle bars slip down and i lost both drink bottles and causing me to drop back in the peloton. Not a good start.

By the end of the first gravel section i hadn't noticed that a break of 7 riders had gotten way off the front but 2 of my team mates were in it. Thinking it was safe i was comfortable sitting in the bunch not needing to chase and leave it up to the two guys to keep it covered off the front. At the second gravel section much to my shock both of my team mates who were in the break (Bennett and Jimmy) were standing on the side of the road both with punctures. Not good again.

We were pretty much the only team without someone in the break and only chad and myself in the peloton, the race was basically over, but did not want to go down without a fight. With no other teams wanting to work i took it upon myself to keep it rolling in hope of getting the break back in sight. I was feeling really strong. Coming into the last 2 laps everyone had been messing around and only a couple of others had helped, chad had done his best to help me out and was riding well until being forced into the ditch by a competitor and dropped off the back. By this time the bunch had dwindled down to around 20 riders with 6 up the road.

On the closing lap we still didn't have the leaders in sight. About 5km from the finish one of the teams sent rider off the front of our group after doing no work, hoping to get away to pick up 7th place. I had it covered and attacked with only one guy able to follow me, the rest of the bunch had smashed apart trying to make it up with us. I caught the rider who was on the attack and the three of us put time into the rest of the field. Coming into the closing sprint everyone was trying to pull out their tactics for the sprint but in the end i took it out after everyone had put down there best effort to jump away. Over all i finished 7th which was pleasing considering. I was disappointed for the team but happy with my racing form.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Race around the lake (criterium)

Todays race; A criterium around a small lake with one small climb on the finishline, I was marked a lot in the race everymove i made or was in got shut down, the pace was really on and off with a lot of attacks and chasing. I had 4 other team mates with me. It was a great advantage being mark because everyone would follow what i did and stopped paying as much attention to other team members. In the closing 3 laps i went out on the attack seeing if i could get away and also knowing that team mate Bennet was marking the stongest rider in the field who was chasing me down all the time. Nothing in the closing laps stuck but i made people hurt. The final 1km i lead the field out with Bennett on third wheel and having a good sprint on him it worked out perfectly for Bennett for the win. It was the hardest crit yet but there is harder to come and im looking forward to it.

Monday, April 30, 2007

The biggest proffesional win for A&F

Team mate Mark Hekman just won one of the biggest and most prestigious criteriums in America, being an amateur team racing in a professional race is hard enough but wining is unbelievable. the last time an amateur won the Athens criterium was 1992. (see"Pigs flew for Abercrombie team in Athens)

congratulations to the boys,

Sunday, April 29, 2007

sunday road race

Today was another race, a small 7mile circuit with more than 6 steep hills on it one of them being over 1km. The race was a small race with low numbers. the field was split at about half way with my team mate Tim and one other guy.

We kept the pace high and road around to the final lap with everyone taking on there share of the work load. i was trying to set up the win for my team mate but with only the three of us what ever was said could be herd by the other guy, in this case Tim did not want the other guy to know that his bike for the last two laps wasn't going into the big chainring. I had no idea that this was the case so when time was going off the front of us he would wait for us to catch up, it wasn't till after the race that i found out. It would have been a perfect set up. Tim was supposed to ride off the front and i would just sit and mark the guy that was with me and make him do all the work, if he caught Tim i would counter attack and we would do this until the guy cracked. It didn't work out and came down to a sprint which i won. i am pleased with my progress and am looking forward to the big races.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

first criterium

well today i got my third win of three races, it was my first criterium. It was on a flat 1.5 mile circuit.

We had a break away of 7 guys with 2 two other team mates who made the break, just over halfway through. my team mates and i did the most work trying to keep the break away from the rest of the field.

Two guys got off the front of our break in the last half of the last lap. My team mates and I were back in what was left of the group. My team mates were warn out and i timed my attack perfectly, i got off the front with no one on my wheel, and bridged to the two others coming into the last corner before the sprint, it was perfect timing because they both started sprinting as they were exiting the corner and gave me the perfect position for a lead out out to take the win.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My first weekends racing was very successful. i had two wins from two races. I had a chance to meet fellow team mates and local competition.