Saturday, June 28, 2008

T town Omnium

This weekend i drove out to Pennsylvania with team mates Bennet, Hayden Godfrey and Joanna Godfrey. The events where, 1km scratch race, 12km points race, elimination with (42 riders) and a 5 km scratch. Hayden rode very well as always, Bennet and myself were made to realise you cannot just turn up without doing any track training and expect to beat up on people, but all the same had a lot of fun and gained a lot from the trip. I had a great weekend, and look forward to returning there again soon.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weekend of local racing and misfortune

After getting back from racing out east, we are now back in Ohio. Last weekend we had 2 good local races. On the Saturday we had the Garrett Wonder memorial criterium which was on a 4 corner short circuit, Team Inferno dominated the race, with our lead out staying on the front all the way till the finish taking out 1st through 3rd with myself in second. it was a great days racing with an awesome result.

Sunday, we had a troubling start to the day when shortly after being picked up in the team truck to head to the race, we managed to hit a dear at over 80km/h which seems to be a common practise in Ohio when you see all the deer lying on the side of the road when your out training. The deer managed to do enough damage that the truck was undriveable. After abandoning the car we managed to get a lift to the race from other team members. The race we were heading to was the Starbrick criterium in Nelsonville which 9 time Tour de France rider Frankie Andreau was announcing. It was a four corner 800m circuit that had the finishing straight of bricks, it was a fun day of racing dominated by team inferno again.

Team mate joe cooper did his best to save the deer but it wasnt too happen.

A successful weekend for all except the team car and deer, now i have a 2 week gap for training before my next race, tour of Ohio.