Sunday, August 12, 2007

Elk Grove criterium

Elk Grove is the first real race i have done since super week and getting sick. it was only a 60km crit. it was a big circuit about 2.5miles. the course had 2 big 180degree bends at each end. about half way into the race i managed to crash sitting up in the top ten, in one of the hair pin turns. it was my fault i went into the turn way too hot as i was going to attack coming out of it. both wheels slid out from me and i slid a decent distance. i have a few big scrapes on my arm which i used to break my fall and slide on. my hip also took a good whack as well. i was pretty hacked off, but considering how many crits i have been doing and not having crashed yet, i feel i got off lightly. it was a great race with 17g up in prize money, a sprint every second lap for 500 dollars, and 4g to win. my team mate Marco had an excellent ride and picked up second overall as well as a few primes.

next week is the pro-am race again in Chicago.